For that special attention to the absurdity of it all


Why not? Who are you to be asking that question, and by the way, are you still here, I could have sworn I asked you to leave half an hour ago. Hello. Goodnight. Auf wiedersehn.

Why you...

This page is boring? Well, I haven't heard you say anything amusing either.


Well, wouldn't you like to know? Actually you probably do. And it's the same old. Systems design and software development for a price and the price is always negotiable but only upwards.

Only the best in mildly interested and barely engaged consulting. Unless you are an interesting and engaging company. Then I might even be just the right fit. And I'm nicer in person. Actually, just assume I'm not. It's better that way.


Somewhere over the rainbow.

Groucho AB

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18204 Enebyberg

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